The Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District (CFAUSD) and Department of Public Instruction (DPI) realize the importance of community collaborations and the effectiveness of quality learning environments for young children. With many children in childcare centers, these entities also realize the importance to provide quality learning and minimize transitions for young children. The CFAUSD supports the research and criteria recommended by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to leverage community approaches for high-quality early learning and therefore invites all licensed early learning facilities to join the partnership each year. To ensure capacity for all 4-year-old children in the school district and to effectively prepare for yearly registrations, sites interested in partnering with the school district must fill out a site application to offer BB4C and adhere to the following timeline. You must meet the criteria for becoming a partner for the school district to consider your site as a partner site.

  • December 1: Every Partner Site must submit a Site Application and send it to the BB4C coordinator by December 1st. The coordinator shares the application with the BB4C Council and Steering Committee for acceptance into the partnership and provides a copy of the BB4C contract to each site deemed to provide BB4C services. 
  • January  20: Site contracts are due into the BB4C office.
  • January 21-January 30: All program registration forms, marketing literature, and communications are updated and distributed to providers.
  • February: Early registration begins the first week in February; this date coincides with the Open Enrollment period. Note: If you have children attending your site and live outside of the Chippewa Falls School District, they may open enroll to attend your BB4C services if the child’s home school district offers 4k programming. Ensure that parents apply for open enrollment during theenrollment period.  Open enrollment information is available from the following URL:
  • September: School begins. ALL registration and healthcare forms are due into the BB4C office.


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