Mission Statement - Chippewa Valley High School

The mission of  Chippewa Valley High School is to provide academically at-risk students with the opportunities to acquire the academic and life skills they need to become contributing members of their home, school and society.

General Purpose of Programs

The Alternative Programs for the Chippewa Falls School District have been created to serve the needs of students who are currently at risk of dropping out of school or who may be at risk or dropping out in the future. The main academic components of the Alternative Programs are credit remediation, improvement of basic/core skills, and vocational awareness and preparation. There is also a focus on improvement of basic social skills and an effort to help students with non-academic issues that are interfering with overall educational success. Elements of Character Education are also woven in to each of the programs. While the most immediate goal for students in the Alternative Programs may be academic success and graduation from high school, building the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career and  for life in general is the major focus.

General Overview of Programs

Chippewa Valley High School (CVHS) includes several distinct programs: the 9-10 Program, the 11-12 Program, the Afternoon Program, the GAP Program and Night School. All the programs at CVHS except for the GAP Program are credit remediation programs designed to help students catch up on credits so they have the opportunity to graduate on time. Those students who are not able to acquire enough credits to graduate on time are allowed to return to complete remaining academic work and earn their diploma. Please go to the "Programs & Services" section of the website for more detailed information about the specific schools or programs.

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