Motor Services in the Chippewa Falls School District consists of Specially Designed Physical Education, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Each of these related services are specific to the students’ Individual Education Plan. An assessment is done to determine whether services are necessary and the services are provided only if the child needs therapy to function in the educational setting. School-based therapy is provided to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education.

What Do Motor Services Do?
Specially Designed Physical Education provides service to students who need adaptations and accommodations from the regular physical education classes. A physical therapy plan for a student would provide services to support the student is areas such as balance, strength, and movement necessary for them to access and function in the school environment. A plan for occupational therapy would provide the services to support the student in areas such as eye-hand coordination, positioning and motor control necessary for the student to function in the school environment.

Contact Information
Tim Leis, Specially Designed PE teacher 715-726-2414 x3033
Denise Theyerl, Physical Therapist 715-726-2414 x3031
Stacie Bielefeldt, Occupational Therapist 715-726-2414 x3034
Megan Hedtke, Occupational Therapist 715-726-2414 x3035

 Any of these people could be reached by contacting Pupil Services Center at 715-726-2414 - ext. 3001.

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