What is Speech and Language Pathology?

As a profession, speech and language pathology concerns itself with evaluating, treating, and researching human communication and its disorders.


Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP's), also known as speech therapists or speech and language clinicians, are professionally educated to evaluate and treat persons with communication problems. Since 1971, the State of Wisconsin has required all prospective SLP's to have a Masters degree before certifying them to teach speech and language skills. Once certified, SLP's may work with clients ranging in age from infancy to adulthood. They may be found working in a variety of settings including: 

  • public and private schools

  • clinics and hospitals

  • nursing homes

  • Birth-to-Three programs

  • Head Start programs

  • private practice

  • colleges and universities



Who Is Eligible for Speech/Language Services through the Public School System?

Although many children have some difficulties in one or more of the speech and language areas, not all students are eligible to receive speech and language services offered by the school. The student must demonstrate a need that significantly impacts his/her educational performance and meet the Wisconsin DPI Speech/Language criteria.


Contact Information

Jill Brandenberg, Parkview/Jim Falls/Daycares/Homes, 715-720-3750 Ext. 4014
Katie Gebauer, Halmstad/Christ Lutheran/Holy Ghost, 715-726-2416 Ext. 3514
Vicki Johnson, Early Childhood/BB4C, 715-726-2414 Ext. 5040
Erica Schultz, Middle School/High School, 715-726-2400 Ext. 3009
Sandra Martineau, Hillcrest/St. Charles, 715-726-2405 Ext. 1743
Jennifer ScheidlerStillson/Rhymes & Rainbows/St. Charles, 715-726-2412 Ext. 4554
Rhonda Seckora, Parkview/Dept. Head, 715-720-3750 Ext. 4553
Ann Seibel, Early Childhood/BB4C/715-726-2414 Ext. 3032
Jodi Slinde, Southview, 715-726-2411 Ext. 5517
Or any of the Speech and Language teachers can be contacted at the Pupil Services Center, 726-2414 Ext. 3002


  • Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District
  • 1130 Miles Street, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729-1923
  • Phone: 715-726-2417
  • Fax: 715-726-2781