Department of Educational Technology

"Supporting Continuous Improvement Through Educational Technology"


The Department of Educational Technology was created to support the increasing use of technology in the Chippewa Falls School District. The department consists of 10 full-time staff members.  These members are spread across multiple buildings to provide timely support to staff and students.

The Department of Educational Technology has two divisions.

The Technology Support division designs, installs, and supports the networks, their interconnections, hardware and software district-wide. Troubleshooting and repair is the primary responsibility of the technology support specialists.

The Educational Technology Division provides applications training to staff, helps integrate appropriate technology use into curriculum, offers graphic art support, creation and duplication of classroom materials and provides a help desk for teachers and staff.

The Department of Educational Technology supports the following:

  • About 1,600 networked PC’s and peripherals (printers, scanners, etc.)
  • Approximately 4,000 mobile devices located in classrooms. 
  • 14 local area networks
  • More than 20 Windows based servers
  • 17 distinct databases
  • Over 100 distinct applications
  • Provide training to approximately 600 teachers and support staff and more than 4,400 students
  • The instructional/curricular needs of about 350 licensed teachers
  • Three registered web servers
  • More than 600 phones and about 1,000 voice mail boxes
  • And both digital and satellite video classrooms

For more information in regards to the Educational Technology Department please contact:

Scott Kowalski 
Director of Educational Technology



Education Technology Department

IT Department
  • Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District
  • 1130 Miles Street, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729-1923
  • Phone: 715-726-2417
  • Fax: 715-726-2781