The success of the Mentor Program is based on a collaborative effort between Mentor Program staff, school counselors, teachers, parents, and students. Here is the process that makes this program work!

  1. Teachers and/or counselors recommend students for the Mentor Program.
  2. Parents give permission for the student to be matched with a mentor.
  3. The program staff recruit, screen and train volunteers to become mentors.
  4. Program staff and school counselors match a mentor one-on-one with a student.
  5. Counselors and teachers are available to answer mentor questions and concerns as needed.
  6. Mentors attend training sessions and informational meetings to discuss concerns and/or share ideas with other mentors and program staff. Mentor and student events are held to celebrate mentoring friendships.
  7. Mentor matches continue until the student graduates and/or as long as the student maintains interest and a need for a mentor,  or as long as the mentor is willing and able to mentor.
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