Jennifer Handrick

Visual Arts Department

Welcome to the Chippewa Falls High School Art Department. I have been in the district since 1999, teaching everything from Kindergarten Art to the Alternative High School Art, totaling six different schools. My undergraduate degree is a BS from UW-Stout in Art Education and later, I earned my Master's Degree through UW-La Crosse in Education/Professional Development. I have special interests in the visual arts and technology, creative problem solving skills, brain research and learning styles, and gender differences in learning. My goal is to create experiences for students in my classes that broaden their skills/intelligence in many categories: social/cooperative, global vision, visual literacy, media literacy, art technical, creativity, problem solving, analysis, self-assessment, emotional intelligence/expression, time management, work ethic and path to personal success/happiness.

We encourage all students to enroll in visual arts classes. As a student in the visual arts, you…

Develop a higher level of self-awareness
Respect and appreciate our own and different cultures
Perceive and understand the past and our ever-changing world
Creatively problem-solve to find multiple solutions and use higher level thinking
Express yourself as a unique individual
Develop basic and advanced technical skills
Respect and appreciate art media
Understand art as a form of Visual Literacy
Become more visually literate


Learning in a Visual Age

NAEA Conversation about the Crititcal Importance of Art Education

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