Purpose of PBIS

"The purpose of school-wide PBIS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm." We expect our students and staff to Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Productive Our goal with PBIS is to increase student knowledge, develop skills, promote responsibility and demonstrate respect for everyone in our school. Through PBIS we improve our school's culture, promote positive behaviors and interactions, and improve student achievement. Students that are meeting our expectations are rewarded with incentives.

Incentives for Students

Chi-Hi students are acknowledged by staff members for following our behavior expectations by giving "Live Its." "Live Its" can be redeemed for popcorn, $1.00 off in the school store, Micon movie tickets, and/or they can use them to enter monthly drawings for miscellaneous prizes. Students can reach Gold or Silver Levels that offer additional incentives for meeting expectations. Click here for the Levels & Rewards Chart.


 Student expectations are posted throughout the building on what is called a behavior matrix. The matrix lists expectations for being safe, respectful, responsible and productive. Classrooms and different areas of the building may have personalized matrixes that pertain to that location. Matrixes are easily identified as the format is the same. Click here for our school-wide behavior matrix.

Teaching behavior expectations

Twice per month teachers present lessons that focus on our behavior expectations. The focus changes each month and is based on current behavior data. For example, if tardiness has been an issue the focus for the month will be on the importance of being on-time. Click here to see lessons presented.





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