Youth Options

The Youth Options program allows all public high school juniors and seniors who meet certain requirements to take postsecondary courses at a:

  •  Wisconsin technical college or institution of higher education.

  • An institution of higher education including UW System institutions, tribally controlled colleges and private, nonprofit institutions.

Students do not have to pay for a postsecondary course if the school board determines the student may receive high school credit and the course is not comparable to a course offered in the school district. (Under some circumstances the school board will pay for a comparable course).

 Forms you need:

  • Notice of Intent

  • Youth Options Application to the postsecondary institution you plan to enroll


    • UW-Eau Claire

      Students wishing to enroll as a youth options student at UW-EC must be in the top 25 percent of their class, or rank in the 50th to 74th percentile with an ACT composite of 24 or greater.

    • UW-Stout

      Students wishing to enroll as a youth options student at UW-Stout must be in the top 50 percent of their class, or have an ACT composite score of 22 or greater.

  • Parent/Student Checklist

Notice of Intent and applications are due October 1st for spring semester and March 1st for fall semester. See your guidance counselor for more information.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can my high school refuse to participate in the Youth Options Program?

No. The law requires all public high schools to participate.


2. Does the program apply to courses offered during evenings or weekends?

Yes. A student may take a postsecondary course during or after regular school hours as long as the course is offered during the high school's regular academic year.


3. Can a student attend a postsecondary institution in lieu of high school? 

Yes. If the postsecondary institution offers all of the courses a student needs in order to meet his or her high school graduation requirements, he or she could attend the postsecondary school full time. Note: In some cases, students are limited to six credits or two classes.


4. How many postsecondary semester credits equal one high school credit?

Three or four depending upon the rigor of the postsecondary course. (A 1/4 high school credit is given for every college or university credit).


5. What happens if I withdraw from the college/university course?

You must notify your high school counselor. A grade of F will appear on your high school transcript if you withdraw from the course after a certain date. The deadline for dropping a high school course and college course may differ, so be sure to check with your high school counselor. Also, receiving a grade of F in a Youth Options course will make you ineligible for Youth Options for the following semester.

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