8th Grade Counseling Services


  • Career Unit
Students will use Career Cruising to explore their interests and skills and match those with potential career clusters and possible careers available. Students will then do a deeper dive and explore 2-3 careers that matched their interest or skills area and will explore and learn about post secondary options. As part of their Academic and Career Plan students will begin the creation of a resume and set academic and career goals using Career Cruising.


  • Human Responsibility Seminar
Students will learn factual information related to issues such as teenage sexuality and responsibility. the consequences of teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception and birth control. The seminars are presented by local doctors and nurses from UW-Health. 


8th Grade Planning Conferences

Starting in the 2017/18 school year students, counselors and their parents/guardians will meet in small groups to plan for their future goals. Parents/guardians and their child will discuss strengths, areas they need to work on, high school classes, and long term post high school goals. We will look and discuss each child's Academic and Career Plan they have started in Career Cruising. This plan includes Carer clusters they are interested in, possible careers of interest, their resume, four year plan, and goals they have set. Conferences will be led by school counselors while the students will have an active role in discussing their Academic and Career Plan with their parent/guardian.


Schools 2 Skills Tours

Based on a student's interest and skills they may be invited to sign up for a tour during the school year. The tour will visit a local business and post secondary schools to provide an opportunity to see what it would be like to work in a potential career or field. If a students goes on a S2S tour they will tour a local business and check out one of the post secondary options that fits with that career cluster best. Possible tours are Manufacturing, Health Care, Information Technology, Transportation, and possibly Business or  Agriculture in the future. The tours are free of cost to the students.


Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model

The K-12 counseling department is committed to guiding students through academic, personal/social and career development in their pursuit for excellence and preparation for an ever-changing global society. We follow the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model which includes a delivery system and is made up of the following components:

School Counseling Curriculum
Classroom activities
Interdisciplinary curriculum development
Group activities
Parent Workshops
Individual Student Planning
Individual or small group academic evaluation
Individual or small group academic advisement
Student and Parent Educational/Career Planning Conferences
Responsive Services
Individual and small-group counseling
Crisis counseling
Peer facilitation
System Support
Professional development
Consultation, collaboration and teaming
Program management and operation
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