Mobile Device Portal Setup

Infinite Campus has released a new app for the parent portal. Campus Mobile Portal will give you real time information on your son or daughter enrolled in the Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District. You will get access and notification sent to you regarding school lunch accounts, assignments, attendance, grades and schedule changes.

The school district ID for this download is LXNWQL. This information is also available on your parent portal account, as are more directions on the set up. If you have any questions, you may contact the technology help desk at 715-726-2413.

Important Links

Get the Mobile App
Parent Portal Help Document
Go to the Parent Portal

Text Messaging for Parents and Guardians

Chippewa Falls Area Schools has now activated their text messaging services for emergency messages.  This is a terrific new feature that will allow us to send text messages to parents and guardians in the event of a school emergency.  It has been determined that our text messaging would only be used when reaching you is critical.

What is a school emergency?

We consider any unexpected event that would require us to interrupt or adjust your child's school day to be an emergency.  This could include early release, delayed release, lockdown or moving students and staff to a secondary location.

Who will get these messages?

We have turned this feature on for all of our guardians.   If you do not want to receive emergency text messages, please log into your parent portal and uncheck the text messaging box.  The screen shot above shows you where to locate text messaging on your portal.  In order to assure we have this feature for any new incoming families, we will turn on emergency text messaging for the cell phones of all guardians in the school district at the beginning of each school year.

Our school district is committed not only to the safety and well-being of all of our students, but also to a very fluid communication effort with our parents and guardians.  If you are not certain we have your cell phone number on-file, and wish to receive cell phone text messages during emergencies, please be sure to update your cell phone number in your portal.

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