The Background

Strategic planning is not a new initiative for the Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District (CFAUSD). In 2004, Superintendent Mike Schoch led a group of stakeholders through a three-day event resulting in a list of district beliefs, a mission statement, strategic goals, district strategies, and our vision statement of Educational Excellence for a Changing Tomorrow. This progressive approach to continuous improvement started CFAUSD’s journey toward institutional excellence and set a strong precedence for deliberate leadership and organizational focus.

In 2011, the Collaborative Council for Sustained Improvement was formed to transform instructional practice and to continue to reinforce the Professional Learning Community in the CFAUSD.

"A Community Conversation for Educational Excellence"

In the fall of 2013, the Board of Education for the CFAUSD began a landmark event and process, “A Community Conversation for Educational Excellence,” reigniting the practice of strategic planning. The Board convened a group of 140 community stakeholders to develop a deeper understanding of community expectations. Over the course of three days, participants identified the issues and trends that impact our schools and our community, distinguished the attributes and skills our graduates need to prepare them to be successful after high school, and created a picture of how the CFAUSD should prepare students for a changing tomorrow. This event served to create connections between community stakeholders and the school district and to promote a sense of shared beliefs.

The CFAUSD Board of Education places a high degree of importance on community input. After closely analyzing the themes from the “Community Conversation,” which represent our community’s expectations, the Board was able to incorporate those expectations into their governance Results and Operational Expectation Policies.

The 2014-2017 Strategic Plan was created as an extension of both the themes from the "Community Conversation" and the Board of Education's Results and Operational Expectations Policies. This institutional alignment creates an empowering atmosphere, where there is strong integration between community expectations, Board governance, and administrative implementation.

This new strategic plan equips our faculty and staff to tackle our most ambitious goals and to live up to our community's expectations. To support our renewed promise to our vision, the strategic plan focuses on five key areas of excellence in organizational capacity: (1) Student Achievement, (2) Service Excellence, (3) Our People, (4) Finance and Operations, and (5) Growth. Fueled by this new strategic plan and our focus on aligning community expectations, Board governance, and administrative implementation, our ultimate goal is to advance our commitment to CFAUSD's vision of "Educational Excellence for a Changing Tomorrow!"

Strategic Plan Documents

Strategic Plan on a Page
Strategic Plan Booklet

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