Meeting Types Defined

There are six types of meetings - regular, committee, special, joint, annual, and public input meetings. The following describes the purposes of each of these meeting types.

Regular Meeting
The Board of Education schedules a regular meeting on the third Thursday of each month, and further special meetings may be called as necessary. The regular place of meeting is the boardroom of the Administration Building. Any change in the date or place requires the unanimous approval of the board.

Committee Meeting
Every so often the School Board will appoint persons to function as a committee to discuss or investigate specific issues. These committees do not necessarily contain board members. Often times, the School Board will appoint interested community members to participate on these committess. An example of a committee is one regarding board policies or to investigate alternatives for staff insurance policies. These committee meetings occur only when needed and are usually posted in the newspaper or on this website.

Special Meeting
In a special meeting, the board would discuss special issues not pertaining to regular business. An example of a special meeting would be one where redistricting or referendum issues would be discussed. The public may or may not be invited to attend certain special meetings due to the nature of the proceedings. The meetings where the public is not invited could be called closed sessions. Examples of closed sesssions would be ones where salary negotiations, student or staff disciplinary actions are discussed.

Joint Meeting
The School Board meets with the McDonell Area Catholic Schools (MACS) to discuss issues such as bus transportation, calendar, distance learning, special classes, or any other type of shared services. These joint meetings occur only once per school year.

Annual Meeting
Typically during an annual meeting, new board members will be seated and officers elected. Annual meetings generally occur on the fourth Monday in April unless otherwise noted.

Public Input Meeting
A public input meeting is one that focuses on specific issues whereby the School Board wants input from the public. An example of a public input meeting would be one where the issue of funding is discussed.

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