Important Information on Head Lice

District Policy on Head Lice
This is the Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District's policy regarding head lice.
Helpful Hints
Information regarding head lice.
Head Lice Flyer

Cold versus Flu

Information regarding Colds versus Flu

District Nurses

Julie Mitchell
Julie Mitchell
District Nurse

Nurse Julie's Schedule: 

Monday - Middle School/High School
Tuesday - Chippewa Valley High School
Wednesday - Middle School/High School
Thursday - Hillcrest
Friday - Middle School/High School

Kerrie Smithberg
Kerrie Smithberg
District Nurse

Nurse Kerrie's Schedule:

Monday - Halmstad
Tuesday - Southview
Wednesday - Parkview
Thursday - Jim Falls (a.m.)  District-wide (p.m.)
Friday - Stillson

Health Assistants

Photo for Crank, Peggy
Crank, Peggy
Health Assistant - Stillson
715-726-2412 ext. 5511
Web site
Photo for Downey, Mike
Downey, Mike
Health Assistant - Hillcrest
715-726-2405 ext 1744
Web site
Photo for Fischer, Reshell
Fischer, Reshell
Health Assistant - Southview
715-726-2411 ext 4006
Web site
Photo for Olson, Heidi
Olson, Heidi
Health Assistant - Halmstad
715-726-2415 ext. 3503
Web site
Photo for Olson, Shari
Olson, Shari
Health Assistant - Parkview
715-726-2415 ext 3603
Web site
Photo for Spaeth, Joyce
Spaeth, Joyce
Health Assistant
715-726-2400 ext 2207
Web site
Photo for Thompson, Cathy
Thompson, Cathy
Medical Secretary - High School
715-726-2406 ext. 1084
Web site

Updated shots are required of all students attending Wisconsin Public Schools.  The new requirements are listed in the forms below.  Also, we are providing our parents with a link to an Immunization Card which they can print, fill out, and send to their respective school.  Students are all required to show proof of compliance within 30 days of the beginning of the school year - or they must file for an exemption.  Otherwise, students will have to be excluded from school until they are compliant.

State Shot Requirements 2014 - Present
Pre-school Medical Examination
     Immunization Card

The form below is an updated history form that parents need to complete for each of their students on a yearly basis.  This completed form is kept on file in health services.

Health Information Update 2016-17

Below you will find the updated policy for medication administration.  If you would like to authorize our staff to administer medications during the school day, you will need to be aware of the school policy concerning this.

Board of Ed Policy on Medication Administration
  Parental Permission to Administer Medication

Dietary MD form for Accommodations at School:
These documents may be printed, completed and turned in to your child's school for their dietary requirements:

Informational Explanation regarding Child's Dietary Accommodations
Physician Order for Diet Modification Form
Parent/Guardian Completion Form for Dietary Accommodations

These documents are in PDF or Word format.  Most computers will be able to open them, however if your computer can't you can download the free Adobe Reader by
clicking here.

 Parents often have need to notify their school nurse regarding their student's health information, or, they may have health questions.  If so, please contact the school nurse at the phone numbers provided.
  Be sure to check the building assignment of your school nurse, listed at the bottom of this page, prior to contacting your school's nurse. 
You may leave a message and the nurse will return your call.


Community Resource Guides:

In keeping with our dedication to students and their families, we would like to make available the following resources within our community.  Click on each link for more information.


In the Chippewa Falls School District, nursing services are provided by two full-time RN positions, and health assistants at each school with the exception of Jim Falls. This page gives some general information about nursing services.

Immunization Requirements
In Wisconsin
state law requires that all immunizations be up-to-date within 30 days of entering the school system. You will be asked to complete the immunization card at registration and requested to notify the school nurse when you receive additional immunizations.

Please note that waivers for personal, religious, or health reasons remain an option for parents. The Wisconsin Department of Health & Family Services offers more information about immunizations.

Health History
Please complete the health history form each year. If your student has a significant health history, please contact the school nurse personally. To enhance your students educational experience, special needs, or concerns will be shared with appropriate personnel.

Medication and First Aid
Daily medication administration and routine first aid is provided by the school secretary and/or health assistant. A Registered Nurse is available for emergencies. If you need daily medication at school, please obtain a copy of the school district's policy. All medication should be kept/registered in the nurse's office.

During the school year, screenings are conducted periodically in the areas listed below.

A Fluoride Mouth Rinse Program is offered for a nominal fee in all elementary schools. Parental authorization is required for the fluoride program. Your child will bring a request home for your signature at the beginning of the school year.

Absenteeism due to illness should be telephoned daily to your child's school secretary. Please be specific about illness (i.e. flu, strep, chickenpox, etc.) because it is helpful in the control of communicable disease.  Thank you to families for calling your student's school when they are ill and for reporting the diagnosis made in the physician's office.

Reminder:  Your child should not come to school if:

  • They have a fever of 100.8 or higher before medication (Tylenol/Ibuprofen)
  • They have been diagnosed with a contagious illness (strep throat, pink eye) and has been on medication less than 24 hours.

Good hand washing habits are the number one way to prevent
the spread of illness!

Homework Requests
If you will be absent from the High School for at least three (3) days, homework assignments may be obtained by calling the nurse's office at 726-2406, Ext. 1084.

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  • 1130 Miles Street, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729-1923
  • Phone: 715-726-2417
  • Fax: 715-726-2781