Governing Policies for Educational Excellence

Mission Statement:  The Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District, in partnership with the community, is committed to excellence, empowering and challenging all students to learn while preparing them for an ever-changing global society.


Results Policies

Outcomes to be achieved.

Results Policy Number Results Policy Description
R-1 Mega Result
R-2 Academic Performance
R-3 Contributing to the Common Good
R-4 Personal Development For Quality of Life


Operational Expectations

Values that establish the standards for the organization's performance, including actions and conditions the board expects to exist and those to be avoided as the CEO makes operational decisions.

Operational Expectation Policy Number Operational Expectation Policy Description
OE-1 Global Operational Expectation
OE-2 Strategic Planning
OE-3 Emergency Superintendent Succession
OE-4 Treatment of Community Stakeholders
OE-5 Personnel Administration
OE-6 Financial Planning
OE-7 Financial Administration
OE-8 Asset Protection
OE-9 Communicating With the Board
OE-10 Communicating With the Public
OE-11 Instructional Program
OE-12 Learning Environment and Transportation
OE-13 Facilities
OE-14 Technology


Governance Culture

Values by which the board will self-govern.

Governance Culture Policy Number Governance Culture Policy Description
GC-1 Board Purpose
GC-2 Governing Commitments
GC-3 Board Job Description
GC-4 Officers' Roles
GC-5 Board Committees and Liaisons
GC-6 Annual Work Plan
GC-6E Annual Work Plan for the Board
GC-7 Board Members' Code of Conduct
GC-8 Board Member Conflict of Interest
GC-9 Process for Addressing Board Member Violations


Board/Superintendent Relationship

Values by which the board will relate to the CEO, defining delegation of authority and means for establishing CEO and organizational accountability.


Relationship Policy Number


Relationship Policy Description

B/SR-1 Single Point of Connection
B/SR-2 Single Unit Control
B/SR-3 Staff Accountability
B/SR-4 Authority of the Superintendent
B/SR-5 Superintendent Accountability
B/SR-5E Annual Summative Evaluation


How Does This Relate Back to the Community Conversation?

After the Community Conversation for Educational Excellence event on February 6th - 8th, 2014, the board of education, superintendent and cabinet level administration reviewed the themes that came out of this event and directly linked them with the policies above.

Aligning Community Conversation Themes with Governance Policies

Community Conversation for Educational Excellence Website

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