Name Title Email Phone Web site
Coushman, Ralph Safety Patrol Coordinator Email
Crank, Peggy Health Assistant - Stillson Email 715-726-2412 ext. 5511 Web site
Crawford, Kay Light Housekeeper Email
Crocker, Lisa English/Literature Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1215 Web site
Crosby, Tracy Noon Hour Monitor Email
Culbertson, Heidi Skylark Team Math Email 715-726-2400 ext. 2510 Web site
Czech, David School Board Member Email
Czelakski, Kelly Site Coordinator - After School Tutoring Email
Dachel, K. Elementary Interventionist Email Web site
Dachel, Melanie Teacher - Kindergarten Email 715-726-2415 ext. 3520 Web site
Dahlby, Krista Speech / Language Pathologist Email 715-738-2660 ext 3009 Web site
Dahlke, Julie Teacher - Grade 4 Email Web site
Daniels, Sarah First Grade Teacher Email 715-726-2405 ext. 1728 Web site
Darley, Tessa School Counselor Email 715-7262411 Web site
Davis, Barb Food Service Email 715-726-2400 ext 2444
Davis-Talledge, Jinny Instr. for the Hearing Impaired Email 715-828-8657 Web site
DeBruyckere, Ann Food Service Email 715-723-5542 ext 6401
DeGidio, Angela Teacher Email 715-720-3750 ext. 4520 Web site
Degenhardt, Maranda Teacher - Tech Ed Email Web site
Delveaux, Tamara Music Email 715-726-2405 ext 1724 Web site
Dennis, Tammy Food Service Email 715-726-2406 ext 1151
Denure, Sara SV Principal Email 715-726-2411 ext 4002 Web site
Denzine, Tina KG Teacher Email 715-726-2411 ext 4008 Web site
DesJarlais, Jerim Asst. Principal (Gr. 8 & Gr. 7 Trek) Email 715-726-2400 ext. 2201 Web site
Determan, Jeanene Food Service Email
Dewberry, Jillian Food Service Worker Email 715 382 6645
Dimock, Rachel Grade 4 Email 715-726-2411 ext 4023 Web site
Dittner, Larry Educational Assistant - Multi-Media Support Email 715-726-2406 x 1107
Dole, Samantha Teacher - Grade 3 Email 715-726-2415 ext. 3524 Web site
Dorney, Emily 5th Grade Teacher Email 715-726-2412 ext. 5527 Web site
Downey, Katelynn 2nd Grade Teacher Email 715-738-2660 Ext 1734 Web site
Downey, Mike Educational Assistant - Special Ed Email 715-726-2406
Drydyk, Karen English & Communications Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1125 Web site
Dubiel, Brianna Teacher - Grade 5 Email 715-720-3750 Web site
Duffy, Bethany Teacher Email 715-726-2412 ext. 5529 Web site
Duffy, Maggie Noon Hour Monitor Email
Dulmes, Barbara Falcon Team Reading Email 715-726-2400 ext. 2513 Web site
Dunham, Emily IA LTE Email 715-726-2415 ext 3508 Web site
Dupey, Jackie Elementary Curriculum Leader/Reading Specialist Email 715-726-2414 ext. 3029 Web site
Duroe, Lori Voyagers Tutor Email Web site
Ebner, Jennifer School Counselor - Chi-Hi (Last Names Le-R) Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1174 Web site
Ehrnthaller, Brittany Teacher - Grade 4 Email 715-720-3260 ext 6044 Web site
Ellingson, Megan Teacher - Special Ed Email Web site
Engum, Justin Algebra 1A, Geometry, and Math Tropics Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1143 Web site
Ericksen, Karen Lt Housekeeping Email 715-726-2400 ext. 2222
Erickson, Amy Teacher - Grade 6 English Email 715-726-2400 ext. 2463 Web site
Erickson, Jodi Title 1 Coordinator/Reading Specialist Email 715-726-2414 ext. 3022 Web site
Ewert, Bradley School Counselor (Last Names S-Z) Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1171 Web site
Exner, Wendy Teacher Email 715-720-3750 ext. 4530 Web site
Faherty, Jared Physical Education/Health Email 715-726-2406 ext 1419 Web site