Name Title Email Phone Web site
Foster, Kelly Biology/Earth Science Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1234 Web site
Roshell, Nancy Building Accountant Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1184
Marquardt, Dianne Building Administrative Assistant / Account Clerk Email 715-726-2400 ext. 2214 Web site
Burger, Chad Business Edu Teacher Email 715-726-2400 ext 2448 Web site
Forster, Lisa Business Education Email 715-726-2400 ext 2422 Web site
Lemay, Marleana Business Education Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext 1132 Web site
Trowbridge, Chad Business Manager Email 715-726-2417 ext. 1806 Web site
Sikkink, Scott Business and Marketing Education Email 715-726-2406 ext 1327 Web site
Warren, Heidi Business/Marketing Teacher Email 715-738-2660 Ext 1410 Web site
Pomietlo, Tim CAD Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1231 Web site
Madson, David CESA10 Hearing Impaired Specialist Email 715-720-2062
Schaller, David CVHS Principal Email 715-723-5542 ext. 6402 Web site
Bushendorf, Laura Career and Technical Education Coordinator Email 715-726-2406 ext. 3016 Web site
Skaar, Kari Chemistry/Biology Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1233 Web site
Pecka, Tracy Classroom Paraprofessional Email 715-726-2412 Web site
Kuepfer, Heidi Clerk Secretary Email 715-726-2414 ext. 3001 Web site
Wells, Lorna Clerk Secretary Email (715) 726-2412 ext.5501 Web site
Krause, Melissa Cross Cat. Spec Ed Teacher Email 715-726-2406 Web site
Hauser, Sierra Cross Category SE Email 715-726-2400 ext 1249 Web site
Fischer, Lesley Cross Category Teacher Email 715-726-2411 ext. 4044 Web site
Wetherington, Therese Curriculum Director/BB4C Director/Testing & Assessment Email 715-726-2414 ext 3004 Web site
Billen, Melissa Custodian Email
Cain, Mike Custodian Email 715-726-2412 ext. 5503
Chartrand, Timothy Custodian Email 715-726-2406 ext 1154
Fjelstad, Richard Custodian Email 715-720-3260 ext 6019
Hellwig, Michael Custodian Email
Hepfler, Tracie Custodian Email 715-726-2406 ext 1154
Hibbard, John Custodian Email 715-726-2400 ext 2233 Web site
Hutchinson, Jim Custodian Email 715-726-2400 ext 2233 Web site
Kinderman, Carolyn Custodian Email 715-726-2406 ext 1154
Martin, Sidney Custodian Email 715-726-2400 ext. 2233 Web site
Nesja, Pete Custodian Email 715-726-2411 x 4037
Nyhus, Tim Custodian Email 715-726-2415 ext. 3540
Proue, Randall Custodian Email 715-726-2406 ext 1154
Roe, Christopher Custodian Email
Schimmel, Daniel Custodian Email 715-726-2405 ext. 1716
Schultz, Maureen Custodian Email 715-720-3750 ext 4506
Sorensen, Jerald Custodian Email 715-726-2400 ext. 2233
Stone, Michael Custodian Email 715-726-2406
Toler, Terri Custodian Email 715-726-2400
Vavra, Howard Custodian Email 715-726-2412
Watton, Garett Custodian Email 715-726-2411 ext.4037 Web site
Buhrow, Michael Database Administrator Email 715-720-3752 Web site
Hebert, Louis (Buck) Day Custodian Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1154
Bobb, Jason Department Chair / Economics Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1223 Web site
Herriges, Jill Director - Chippewa Area Mentor Program Email Web site
Husom, Lisa Director - Chippewa Area Mentor Program Email Web site
Thompson, Michael Director - High School Athletics/Activities Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1212 Web site
Knowlton, Randy Director of Buildings/Grounds/Safety Email 715-738-2660 ext. 1904 Web site
Golden, Michelle Director of Human Resources & Public Relations Email 715-726-2417 Web site