Frequently Asked Questions

Q.)        What is Title 1?
A.)       Title 1 is a federal funded program through which the Chippewa Falls Area Unified School   District receives financial assistance to meet the needs of those students who are at risk in the area of reading.
Q.)        How is Title 1 funded?
A.)         Title 1 is a program that is funded by the federal government. First, the federal government allocates money to each state. Then, each school district in the state of Wisconsin receives the money based on a formula which is dependent upon the percentage of low-income children within each school. 
Q.)        What is a Title 1 Targeted Assistance Program?
A.)         The term Targeted Assistance refers to Title 1 services that are provided to a select group of students within the school setting. Only those individuals who are identified as failing or most at risk of failing, to meet the state’s academic standards can receive Title 1 services. (An example of a Targeted Assistance Program could be a student being pulled out of his or her classroom to receive additional support in reading by a Title 1 teacher.)
Q.)        What is a Schoolwide Title 1 Program?
A.)         The term Schoolwide refers to those schools within a district that have a student poverty level of 40% or above. Schoolwide Title 1 programs continue to focus on the needs of the lowest achieving students; however, Schoolwide Title 1 programs have more flexibility because the resources purchased with federal dollars can be used with any student and not simply those identified as receiving Title 1 services. (An example of a Schoolwide Program could be a Title 1 teacher going into the regular education classroom to assist with guided reading.)
Q.)        Is my child eligible to receive Title 1 services?
A.)       The federal government requires each Title 1 program to have a set criteria for which students receive services. The criteria consist of scores based on AIMs Web testing, informal reading assessments, state tests, and teacher recommendation. 
Q.)      What are the benefits of a Title 1 Program?
A.)       The Title 1 Program supports those students who are at-risk of failing. The purpose is to bring those students back to his or her grade level in the area of reading.
Q.)       What is a Title 1 Compact and why should I sign it?
A.)         Under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) section 1118(b), each school receiving federal funds must have a written school-parent compact. The compact should describe:
·        What parents, school staff, and students will do to improve student progress
·        How the school and families will build a partnership to help children learn
·        How the school and families will communicate regularly with each other
         The Title 1 Compact is a form that must be signed in order for your child to receive services.
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