Name Title Email Phone Web site
Grenko, Amy Teacher Email 715-726-2405 ext. 1727
Griepentrog, Colleen Music Teacher Email 715-726-2415 ext 3525 Web site
Grimes, William Guidance Email 715-720-3750 ext 4512 Web site
Gunderson, Erin Special Ed Email 715-726-2405 ext 1715 Web site
Gunderson, Patrina Administrative Assistant to Assistant Principal Adam Zenner, grades 11-12 Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1500
Haas, Tiffany Teacher - Kindergarten Email 715-720-3750 Web site
Haeny, Whitney Teacher Email 715-726-2412 ext 5522 Web site
Hahn, Katelyn Teacher - Family and Consumer Science Email 715-726-2406 Web site
Haley, Marquita Food Service Email 715-726-2400 ext 2434 Web site
Hallstrand, Kate Teacher - CVHS Email Web site
Handrick, Jennifer Art Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1300 Web site
Hanley, Rene Teacher Email 715-726-2412 ext. 5536 Web site
Hanson, Christina Starfish Team Science Email 715-726-2400 ext. 2469 Web site
Hanson, Joann Paraprofessional Email 715-726-2400 ext. 1580
Hanson, Joel Teacher Email 715-726-2412 ext. 5540 Web site
Hanson, Linda Secretary Email 715-726-2414 ext. 3002 Web site
Hanson, Mark SE Van Driver Email Web site
Hanson, Morgan Dolphin Team Math Email 715-726-2400 ext. 2523 Web site
Harsh, Erin Teacher - Special Education Email 715-720-3750 Web site
Hartman, Diane Educational Assistant Email 715-723-5542 ext 6407
Hartsough, Kathleen Kindergarten Teacher Email 715-738-2660 Ext 5533 Web site
Hasmuk, Elizabeth Food Service Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1151
Hass, Eve Paraprofessional Email 715-738-2660 Ext 1611 Web site
Haupt, Jodi Teacher - Spanish Email 715-726-2406 Web site
Hauser, Derk Teacher - Grade 5 Email 715-726-2405 ext 4027 Web site
Hauser, Sierra Cross Category SE Email 715-726-2400 ext 1249 Web site
Hawkins, Tammy Instructional Assistant Email 715-726-2411 ext 4013 Web site
Hebert, Lori Instructional Coach Email 715-726-2414 ext. 3019 Web site
Hebert, Louis (Buck) Day Custodian Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1154
Hedtke, Megan OT/PT Email 715-726-2414 ext. 3035
Hefty, Brian Technology Education Teacher/Department Chair Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1303 Web site
Hein, Shelly Grade 4 Teacher Email Web site
Heineman, Brittany Third Grade Teacher Email 715-726-2405 ext 1741 Web site
Heinz, Jennifer School Board Member Email
Hellwig, Michael Custodian Email
Hemauer, Brianna French Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext 2258 Web site
Henderson, Laura Food Service Email (715) 726-2400 ext.2434 Web site
Henneman, Sheri Food Service Email 715-726-2412 ext 5513
Henning, Linda Elementary Interventionist Email Web site
Henry, Laura Spec Edu Teacher Gr.6 Email 715-726-2400 ext 2467 Web site
Henslee, Jamie Food Service Email
Hepfler, Tracie Custodian Email 715-726-2406 ext 1154
Herriges, Jill Director - Chippewa Area Mentor Program Email Web site
Hetke, Danielle Attendance Secretary Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1142 Web site
Hibbard, John Custodian Email 715-726-2400 ext 2233 Web site
Hietpas, Daniel Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1337 Web site
Hill-Hable, Amanda World History / Wisconsin History / Hollywood v. History / Social Studies Skills Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1201 Web site
Hinze, Chad Teacher - Grade 7 Science Email 715-726-2400 ext 2517 Web site
Hitt, Barry Instrumental Music Email 715-726-2406 ext 1466 Web site
Hladilek, Camee Special Education Paraprofessional Email (715) 726-2411 ext.4026 Web site