Name Title Email Phone Web site
Bowe, Warren English/AP English Language Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1123 Web site
Braaten, Nichole 3rd Grade Teacher Email 715-720-3750 ext 4533 Web site
Bradley, Diane Paraprofessional Email 715-726-2415 ext. 3570
Brandenburg, Jill Speech/Language Email 715-720-3750 ext 4014 Web site
Brandner, Heather Science Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext 1237 Web site
Brandt, Susan Special Education Paraprofessional Email Web site
Brennan, Abbey 4th Grade Teacher Email 715-738-2660 Ext 4527 Web site
Brennan, Dina Teacher Email 715-726-2412 ext. 5539 Web site
Bresina, Vicki LMC - Paraprofessional Email 715-720-3750 ext. 6026
Brinker, Chelsey Educational Assistant - Special Ed Email Web site
Britton, James Athletic Director & PE/Health Teacher Email 715-726-2400 ext. 2485 Web site
Brown, Maddy Teacher - Special Education Email Web site
Brown, Suzanne Educational Assistant - Special Ed Email 715-726-2412 ext. 5534
Brymer, Danielle Food Service Email
Buchner, Ruth Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1104 Web site
Buckles, Ronald Vocal Music Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1422
Buckli, Nancy After School Helper Email 715-736-2400
Buhrow, Michael Database Administrator Email 715-720-3752 Web site
Burgan, Jeanna Agriculture Teacher Email Web site
Burger, Chad Business Edu Teacher Email 715-726-2400 ext 2448 Web site
Burish, Marilyn Administrative Assistant Email 715-726-2414 ext. 2783 Web site
Burish, Megan Special Education Paraprofessional Email Web site
Burlingame, Chad Systems Administrator Email 715-726-2585 Web site
Burtness, Roberta Lt Housekeeping Email 715-726-2400 ext 2233
Bushendorf, Laura Career and Technical Education Coordinator Email 715-726-2406 ext. 3016 Web site
Cable, Vic US History / Psychology Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1224 Web site
Cain, Mike Custodian Email 715-726-2412 ext. 5503
Caldwell, Amy Teacher - Title 1 Email 715-726-2415 Web site
Campbell, Pamela Lt Housekeeping Email 715-726-2412 ext. 5503 Web site
Carlsen, Beverley Library Media Specialist Email 715-726-2400 ext 2245 Web site
Carlson, Sara Trek Team English Email 715-726-2400 ext 2975 Web site
Cernohous, Laura Paraprofessional - Special Ed Email
Cesafsky, Mellisa Special Education Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1133 Web site
Chantelois, Kenneth PM Custodian Email 715-726-2406 ext 1154
Chartrand, Timothy Custodian Email 715-726-2406 ext 1154
Christensen, Deb Voyager Program Coordinator Email 715-726-2413 ext. 5214
Cihasky, Teri Teacher - Grade 5 Email
Clark, Sara Special Ed Program Support Email 715-738-2660 Web site
Cleven-Peterson, Clarissa Teacher - Special Ed Email 715-726-2406 Web site
Cloutier, Mark Biology Teacher Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1236 Web site
Coach, Julie Spec Edu Gr. 7 Email (715) 726-2400 ext.1480 Web site
Coddington, Nancy Teacher Email 715-720-3750 ext. 4534 Web site
Collicott, Brian Instrumental Music Email 715-726-2400 ext. 2275 Web site
Colvin, Charlene Reading Specialist Email 715-726-2414 ext. 3023 Web site
Cooley, Connie Night Custodian Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1154
Cooley, David Weekend Maintenance Tech Email
Couey, Joseph Geometry, Probability and Statistics, and Accelerated Trigonometry Email 715-726-2406 ext. 1146 Web site
Coulson, Christina Teacher Email 715-726-2412 ext. 5525 Web site
Coushman, Ralph Safety Patrol Coordinator Email
Crank, Peggy Health Assistant - Stillson Email 715-726-2412 ext. 5511 Web site